Cretaceous sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver
Plocoscyphia Reuss 1846

Locality: Alemannia, Höver
Height: 80 mm mm

Locality: Alemannia, Höver
Height: 80 mm

Plocoscyphia roemeri

Leonhardt 1897

Plocoscyphia roemeri has not been reported previously from Höver or Misburg. It is a rare species in the Lower Campanian of Höver.

The two images show the same specimen: as found, and after preparation with an air abrasive system.

The specimen is pear-shaped and hence identified as Plocoscyphia roemeri, following Schrammen's (1912) classification scheme. Plocoscyphia species have no paragaster. Fossil specimens consist of a thin (1.5 mm) skeletal layer folded into short, widening tubes and meandering walls.

The skeletal sheet consists of approximately four or five layers of lychnisks, which are arranged into a very regular meshwork. The surface scleres are fortified by a silica mantle which reduces the quadrangular meshes to round pores of variable size. In cross section, the growth margins (tube ends) have a rounded appearance.

Locality: Alemannia, Höver
Height: 50 mm mm

A second, small specimen of Plocoscyphia roemeri.