Cretaceous sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver
Myrmeciophytum Schrammen 1910
Phymoracia Pomel 1872

Locality. Teutonia, Misburg
Length: 90 mm
Locality. Teutonia, Misburg

Myrmeciophytum verrucosum

Roemer 1864

Myrmeciophytum verrucosum is a rare species, only known as cylindrical fragments. The sponge is characterized by conspicuous star-like grooves around the postica.

The skeleton consists of large smooth tetraclones.

Myrmeciophytum verrucosum could be confused with Astrocladia subramosa, but the latter has smaller "stars" and the skeletal tetraclones are smaller, more irregular and strongly branched.

Locality. Teutonia, Misburg
Length: 80 mm

Another, very similar specimen of Myrmeciophytum verrucosum.