Cretaceous sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver
Megarhiza Schrammen 1901

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Width: 70 mm

Megarhiza dubia

Schrammen 1901

Megarhiza dubia is a moderately rare and peculiar sponge. It has a pronounced stratified body, with sponge layers intercalating with sediment.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Width: 70 mm

Although all specimens known to the author are circular in outline, this shape may not reflect the original situation. It is possible that Megarhiza dubia is an encrusting species, and that the specimens found are rounded (rolled) fragments.

The scleres of Megarhiza dubia are also unusual, which makes it difficult to classify this species. They are similar to large rhizoclones, but also bear similarities to megaclones. On the sponge laminae, one can also find flat, phyllotriaene-like scleres. Schrammen (1924) has created an extra suborder "Megarhizomorina" for these reasons.

After Schrammen (1910)

Megarhizoclones of Megarhiza dubia
(after Schrammen, 1910)