Cretaceous sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver
Phyllodermia (Cladodermia) Schrammen 1924

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 90 mm

Cladodermia colossea

Schrammen 1924

Cladodermia colossea has a rounded cone- or pear-shaped habit and a broad base with many short, root-like processes. The base is covered with a dense cortex and with phyllotriaenes. In the cortex-free parts, the sponge surface is pitted with numerous mm-wide pores. The specimen in the picture shows a typical system of anastomosing furrows near the base and around the paragester.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 200 mm

The second example of Cladodermia colossea is more elongate in shape. It shows typical wart-like rootlets on one side of the sponge. It is thought that these may have developed after the sponge has toppled.