Cretaceous sponges from the Campanian of Misburg and Höver
Doryderma (Brochodora) Schrammen 1910

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
width: 50 mm

Brochodora ramusculus

Schrammen 1910

Brochodora ramusculus is similar to Brochodora roemeri (see below), but smaller in its dimensions.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
width: 100 mm

Brochodora roemeri

Parkinson 1808

Brochodora roemeri is a branching sponge which can form aggregates up to 1 meter in size. The pictures show fragments of such larger structures.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 220 mm

... another example.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 200 mm

. . . a further example of Brochodora roemeri.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 220 mm

Same specimen as above, showing bundle of longitudinal canals in a cross fracture.

Locality: Teutonia, Misburg
Height: 220 mm

Detail of the above specimen. In well preserved examples of Brochodora roemeri, the oscules of longitudinal canals may be observed at the ends of the twigs.

From Schrammen, 1910

The image on the left shows some typical megascleres of Brochodora roemeri.
(a) Megaclones,
(b) Dermal dichotriaenes,
(c) Amphioxes
(After Schrammen, 1910).